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What is Cloud Hosting?

Here at Best Hosting the answer is very elegant and simple! Cloud Hosting services provide hosting for today’s websites using Virtual Servers.

These virtual servers pull their monumental computing resource from an extensive underlying network of real physical web servers.

New alternative to slower, less robust traditional hosting

Cloud Web Hosting is an alternative to the traditional hosting of websites on single servers using dedicated or shared servers. It uses the power of distributed computing to improve the loading time of webpages. It can be thought of as an extension of the older concept of clustered hosting where websites are basically hosted across multiple servers but it is much more than that.

The network of servers that can be used for Cloud Hosting is truly vast and utilises different data centres located in various parts of the globe, serving local demands more effectively through highly efficient Load Balancing software. This software will be using AI (Artificial Intelligence) style algorithms for improved page load times as we move into the future and the task becomes more complex.

Benefits Of Cloud Hosting


  • The physical servers that underpin the Cloud are housed within multiple physical Data-Centres.
  • They will therefore benefit from the security measures that those individual Data Centres have implemented.
  • As data is mirrored and located in many locations.
  • Disaster Recovery is assured in the event of an unexpected catastrophe.

If you are looking for a truly robust hosting solution, nothing beats the Cloud!


Reliability – Instead of being hosted on a single instance of a physical server, a website is hosted on a virtual partition. This virtual partition will draw its resources from an extensive network of underlying real-world physical servers. Should one server go offline, another server will take up the slack. The overall resource available to the cloud will be diluted to a certain extent but this will have no overall effect on the availability of the websites that are hosted on them. The virtual servers will continue to pull resources from the remaining network of available physical servers. Cloud platforms can even survive the loss of an entire data centre as the pooled cloud resource is drawn from multiple data centres in different locations.


  • Scalability – Any required resource is always made available dynamically on demand. It is not limited to the any of the traditional constraints of one particular server as in the past.
  • When a website requires extra resources from its hosting platform because of a spike in visitor traffic – or even a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack, the resource is still accessed seamlessly as far as website visitors are concerned.
  • Private Clouds can also be configured to ‘burst’ access resources from the Public Cloud when there are surges in activity on the site.


  • Responsive ‘on demand’ Load Balancing is always actively managing the load on our Servers.Our Load Balancing Software is instantly scalable without human intervention.This means that it can respond to rapidly changing resource requirements using stat of the art software algorithms to ensure the best results every time.This can be done ‘on the fly’ or ‘on demand’ by the software.This is all performed seamlessly in real-time!

Unique Features

Backups & Restores

Ever been in a position where your website has lost data, crashed or simply stopped working? With our cutting edge backup and restore service you need never worry again.

Technical Support

Our state of the art facilities enable us to always be on top of our game, monitoring the performance of the websites that we host around the clock. Should you need to get in touch we will be there for you when you need us!

Optimise for Google!

If you need help optimising your website structurally ready for the search engines then you will find that we are second to none at ensuring that this is done on site, on time and on demand!

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